11 Best Marketplace WordPress Themes 2017

11 Best Marketplace WordPress Themes 2017

Creating an online store with WordPress has gotten a lot easier over the years. But what about creating a multi-vendor marketplace like ThemeForest or Etsy? Well, thanks to the existence of marketplace WordPress themes, launching your own multi-author online store is now much more straightforward.

By using one of these themes and the right WordPress plugins, you can build a store where vendors and creators can sign up, list their products for sale, and manage their own accounts, all from within your WordPress website.

The best marketplace themes in this collection have designs that are built for high conversion rates and generating more sales for your store. They also feature front-end forms and templates for your registration, account, and reporting pages, helping to give your multi-vendor ecommerce store a professional look and feel throughout.

Whether you want to create a place where vendors can list and sell their physical or digital products online, thanks to these themes, you’ll have no trouble giving your marketplace a professional design. Creating a successful marketplace is all about attracting the right vendors and customers, and these themes can certainly help you do just that.



Marketify is a professional looking WordPress theme that allows you to create a multi-vendor marketplace where authors can sign up and begin selling their physical and digital products.

The theme makes use of front end submission forms to simplify the registration process, and also the procedure for adding new products to the marketplace. Marketify closely integrates with the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin which is used to handle all the online store and eCommerce functionality of your marketplace.  This free plugin is very easy to use, so even if you’ve never setup an online store before, you should have no problem.

By using the plugins that are recommended for use with this theme, you can easily implement an automated profit sharing system where authors are paid a percentage of the profits each time their products are sold online.  It is also possible to enable social media registration and login to further simplify the signup process and remove unnecessary friction, making it easy for your site to grow.

As Marketify is a flexible marketplace theme, it can be used to create a single-vendor online store, and then be expanded to include the products of other vendors in the future as the site grows.  Or you can just build a multi-vendor marketplace store from the outset.

If you want to create a multi-author marketplace with automated profit sharing capabilities that is easy to use from both admin and end user perspectives, then the modern looking Marketify is an excellent choice.




Checkout has been created by Array in order to help you build a digital store or marketplace with WordPress.  However, as the demo shows, this is a versatile theme that can be just as easily configured for a business portfolio.

In marketplace mode, this theme has been built to integrate closely with the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin. This popular ecommerce plugin will handle all your file management needs, with the ability to collect payments from your customers when they make a purchase.

If you do decide to create a multi-vendor marketplace with Checkout and Easy Digital Downloads, managing and distributing profits and commission payments can all be automated. This makes the process of running a marketplace much less time consuming. To help build trust with your target audience and show off your credibility, the Checkout theme includes an attractive testimonials page for publishing client and customer feedback.

When creating your website, you also get access to a pricing table builder tool, a powerful product slider and gallery creator, and plenty of customization options for fine tuning the appearance of your store or marketplace.

Checkout has been built to be fully mobile-responsive and retina ready. This ensures that your website will not only be easy to use, but will also look great, no matter what device is being used to access it. As well as being available on its own, Checkout can be yours, along with the other 15 themes from Array, for one great value price ($199).





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