How can you become more visible online without much effort in optimization

According to, which over the past 2 years has become a successful traffic exchange platform, and currently has many users who generate points and become known without much effort in optimization traffic exchange has become a real way to generate real visitors.

Some traffic exchange platforms are safe for ads, but how can we see what these are?

— recommends checking the website in Alexa

— Recommend review by online reviewer via google

— Also recommend and be cautious even if you are willing to try a platform by constantly checking how it is the bounce rate in analytics

— If, after doing all your checks, you do not notice major changes between reviewers and bounce rates in analytics, this is certainly a site that can make a difference was also a small site that tried every way to attract customers,some methods have had a positive effect but some have been a disaster for indexing in google. Some unpleasant experiences were:

— Buying traffic from people who can not prove where this traffic is.

— Adding repeatedly to a single social networking link and trying to get people to enter that site– The bad optimization of the site inside it.

— Quickly change from one topic to another.

— An unpleasant moment is when you have vague knowledge and you do not know to add analytics or create a site mapAnd some of the good things that can make your site a success:

— Creating original content– Distribute content across all social networks, directories, forums, and blogs. (In our blog you get a big list of blogs where auto approve your comments with backlinks) — We recommend little traffic exchange for a boost to visitors and grow on platforms like Alexa

— We recommend ads to google, bing, yahoo for optimal optimization.

I hope this post will help you become familiar in the online environment 

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