How it work

After signing up, you will submit all the websites you want to send traffic to. Then you can either earn free traffic by viewing others' sites or buy a traffic package from us.

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Create your own account

Go to sign up and create account with social media or by the input, you can exchange traffic and you can buy premium, website slots, website points, sessions and premium seo for your website. just go to the page create account

Add your website where to get visitors

From dashboard you can go to the link website there you will have to add your website where you have statistics and you can see your link

Download the software exchanger

In the right of the page you can see "Traffic Exchange" and after you go there you will see download software, you have to download it and you have to "Add new session" you will get your uniqe code and that code you will have to add into the software exchanger.

We made a short Video for see how is work the system

In this video I shot exactly the steps you need to take to get visitors to your website, this video does not highlight the number of visitors you can get and it just aims to help in how this script works.

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News from our Blog

Our blog brings you the latest news about how you can promote your web site and what's new on our website.

How did I start doing SEO?

Feb 22, 2019

Hello all! This is my first blog post and I hope you will be kind to me. I’m a beginner in the field of SEO and my whole life has been thrown from side to side, trying different specialties.

by Traffic Virals

Little-Known Ways to See How Much Traffic a Website Gets top 10

Feb 22, 2019

Alexa Ranking The Alexa Ranking isn’t exactly “little-known,” but it is the best-known metric for ranking websites.

by Traffic Virals

Keyword Research For Better Search Ranking in Search Engines

Feb 22, 2019

Keywords are those words which are typed into search boxes by users to search for information on a specific topic, and when those words are included in articles and web pages, search engine spiders identify them as relevant to users.

by Traffic Virals

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